Shamia Knit Tex Ltd is a 100% fare arranged knit producing venture with its vertical composite setup of cutting edge sewing, coloring and wrapping up. It is a 100 % trade arranged composite sew material unit built up in 2009 with the commitment to cater the Global needs for knit and casual clothing. Throughout the years our quality items and reputation have made a solid business connection with the worlds well known dress brands. We utilize the most recent technology, effective and environment-friendly production process to convey the best quality to our buyers.

To be increasingly explicit, we have practical experience in Pants, Trousers, Bermuda, Shorts, Rib midsection gasp, Pull on gasp, Chino gasp, Sleep wear, Swim Wear, Boxers, Zip off Pant, Chino Pant, P Jset, Shirt and so forth any sort of top and bottom items.