Sunaya Enterprise is one of its sister concern compact group.
Sunaya Enterprise one of the leading Trading House with qualified and experienced technical and commercial personnel. Initially, it started doing multifarious business in our country. With the passage of time it focused on Supply & Indenting Business. Sunaya Enterprise develop to meet their customer requirements Sunaya Enterprise offers the most comprehensive product range currently on the market.
Sunaya Enterprise has own strong dealership network for reaching and delivering all type of food stuff all over Bangladesh. From individual specialist advice throughout to a no obligation demonstration of products we supply you with customized presentation technology.
Sunaya’s staffs are the assets who are well trained & applying them with great perseverance, outstanding skills & professionalism to serve the customers and its partners with the best possible service. Sunaya Enterprise integrate comprehensive services to suit into its customers specific requirements tailored to their business needs. Not only rendering usual services rather make them feel comfortable with personalized relationship & having them rendered with spontaneous teamwork & appropriate information flow on their business regular basis.